About the Center

The United Arab Emirates University established the Continuing Education Center upon the Chancellor's Decree Number 231 in 1998 to transfer the role of the university to the serve the society and to maintain interest in human capital as a tool for development.

Continuing education programs are designed to meet the needs of institutions, individuals and different sectors of the community for growth through developing skills, acquiring knowledge and exploring potential.

The Continuing Education Center seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Accessible to the community and employing energies and possibilities available at the University to enrich the members of the community and to improve intellectual and cultural knowledge.
  • Monitoring and following-up scientific and technical developments and transferring them to concerned segments of society.
  • Liaising with professionals from the community to offer a variety of programs.

The Center provides training courses, workshops, seminars and specialized conferences through specific units related to various managerial, administrative, scientific, technical, linguistics and social fields.

Oct 19, 2016